Saturday, January 9, 2010


Well all, I guess it's finally happened, Matt and I are starting our own little family! I took the first test the morning of January 5th before going to school, and the second one when I got home from school (just to make sure).

After I took the second test, I gave Matt a big gift box with a box of Eggo's and a jar of Prego and let him figure the message out himself (the message being that our 'Eggo is Prego', thank you very much Juno). It took him a few seconds, but he finally said, "What? You're pregnant?"

It's been pretty surreal for the past week realizing that we are going to be parents in just a matter of months and that our lives are going to be drastically changing. I think that we are both more nervous than anything at the moment, but we are both very excited as well. Our first doctor appointment is on February 3rd, so we'll find out when the due date and everything then. According to the wonderful internet, however, I think my due date will be somewhere around September 17th.

Our next challenge is coming up with exciting and surprising ways of informing our families, so check for my next post to see how we did it!!